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Harvest Season Tours-Winefest

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Five Hour Regional Tour

Door To Door Car Service

Choice Of 4 Wineries

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Picnic In The Park

Local Farmers Market

Take Your Pick Of Four Of These Great Wineries And Breweries

About Paul Redvers


Your Personal Guide, Chauffeur, And Host For All Things Wine


As retired world travellers and wine enthusiasts, my wife and I have been touring the Niagara area since the start of the wine industry here over 35 years ago. These days it is my pleasure and passion to recreate those very special wine experiences just for you.

In Ontario, I have had the pleasure to conduct many memorable wine tours and the Niagara region has some of the very best.  My international experience extends to numerous American wineries, as well as wineries in Tuscany, New Zealand, and Australia, including Tasmania.

I consider myself to be a wine lover, BUT I am definitely not a wine snob. My goal is to give you the very best Niagara Wine experience I possibly can and if I do my job well, you will leave with great memories wanting more and when you do return, I will be waiting.

Feature Blogs

Notes on Tasting Notes

Wine magazines and catalogs are used to sell wines. Colour, aroma, and taste are all described to give buyers a sense of the wine on offer. They use descriptors like “laced with ripe pear, “”Apples and honey on the nose,” “complex aromas of spiced oak and black fruit.” A bold red wine may be described…

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A Matter of Taste

So, we are going on a wine tasting journey. Seems simple, but taste is actually one of our more complex senses. We may be sophisticated in our tastes today, but we still taste with the same tools as we did when we were hunter-gatherers 150,000 years ago. Back then, humans lived or died from what…

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Time to Wine a little.

I was urged to start a wine blog earlier this year, but with covid closures, it would have been just whining, not wining. Now positive wine news overflows.I will blog about wines, touring, my winery partners, and other things in the wine world. Now it’s wining and dining, not just whining.First Blog… BIG DEAL! REALLY…

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Please Sir, May I have more?

A subtle twist from a guy named Oliver.The typical Niagara bus tour is drive, taste ( maybe buy) then drive and taste some more. In the old days, that was the way it was.Nowadays, many wineries are offering extras to encourage folks to stay longer, and, of course, maybe spend more. Sit and enjoy a…

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